Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The connection to adb is down, and a severe error has occured

Try below steps:
  1. Close the Eclipse if running
  2. Go to the Android SDK tools directory in Command Prompt
  3. type adb kill-server
  4. then type adb start-server
  5. No error message is thrown while starting ADB server, then adb is started successfully.
  6. Now you can start Eclipse again.
It worked for me this way, Eclipse should be closed before issuing these commands.


Open up the Windows task manager, and kill the process named adb.exe, re-launch the Eclipse.


Go to the Folder \android-sdk\platform-tools ; copy the files and paste into folder \android-sdk\tools
Restart the Eclipse

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Jean-Gerald V. E. said...

thanks A lot Sachin .. i was following what you have said from the option 1 itself .. it was successful until i have to reset my firewall settings and now everything works like a charm . take care and thanks again .

divik tiwari said...

Thanks Sir ,It really Helped me.